Monday, August 29, 2011

Melted, Roasted and Cooked at Walt Disney World (and that's not just the food!)

We decided to take a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida for a Star Wars Weekend and beyond. Here is my story:

(Giggle *snort* - that sounded really dorky!)

We love going to WDW (this is what I'll be using instead of typing the entire name out, is that okay?) We've only been going since 2007, neither Fred nor I had ever visited as kids, but we always enjoy it. We've had favourite moments on all our trips, and we're always planning our next trip. Even while we're still there!

More Disney Magic, after the jump:

I really wanted to live-blog, live-tweet this trip. BUT Canadian roaming/data charges weren't really part of our budget this time, so I had to make do with paying the 10$ internet fee for a couple of days, and "borrowing" a friendly neighbourhood Wi-Fi hotspot provided by someone at the resort staying near us :)

We like going for 10 days, 7 days seems like we have to cram everything in, but 10 days takes a more relaxed pace. We've always visited in the winter (March, December) but this time we decided to attend a Star Wars Weekend (SWW). Those are only held from mid-May to mid-June. We knew it was going to be hot. But we had no idea there were going to be unseasonably hot temperatures! We survived, but have decided to wait until the kids are older to go again at that time of year.

We drive from the Toronto area; it takes us 2 days of driving. Day one of driving is insane, keep driving; just keep driving. Until we reach the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Then the next day seems like a breeze, usually arriving at our WDW sometime mid-afternoon.

We like having our car there (it's a Ford Flex) not that I don't think that WDW Transportation isn't fabulous, it's just that we like to head out of the resort to go shopping, or get groceries. It's also much more expensive to fly from Canada, and if we decided to fly from the USA, well the car's already packed and we've already crossed the border - why not just keep going?

The kids are really good in the car. We gave them a dual-screen portable DVD player for Christmas, which was a great improvement on the tiny single screen one we've had for years. We only allow the DVD player in the car for trips longer than about 5 hours. So they think it's a great treat! We play movie, after movie, after movie, but it keeps us able to drive without too much stress. We also borrowed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to listen to in the car, we all enjoyed that. The narrator/reader is great.

I had booked the trip at Christmas, made all of our dining reservations shortly after that, and made sure that Star Tours 2 (3D) was still on schedule to open while we were there. The next few blog insalments will be about various WDW topics: resorts, dining, weather, rides and our plans for our next trip!

Keep reading, and "Have a Magical Day"!

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