Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas displays of Hershey's kisses are so tempting!

I needed to pick up a few things today and I entered the store there was a massive display of Christmas chocolate and candy.  I couldn't help myself; I had to take a peek.  There are so many varieties, but I kind of envy my friends in the USA, there are even more there!  There was the white chocolate candy cane, mint truffle, but I couldn't find the cherry filled.  But I resisted, and didn't buy any.  Not yet anyway.

I needed some supplies for the Christmas gifts I'm making the kids' teachers.  But I forgot the cream of tartar for the Snickerdoodles, so the next tutorial will be about something else, until next week when I can bake the Snickerdoodles.  Snickerdoodles.  Can't say Snickerdoodles enough today.

So I'll put the kids to bed, and hope that Grey's Anatomy isn't a repeat tonight.  I could use some mindless fluff tonight.  Watch for a new tutorial soon . . .

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