Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mincemeat Tarts, the Red Velvet Momma Way.

Christmas baking, smells of gingerbread, sugar cookies and shortbread fill the air.  It's a magical time.  You can justify having pie for breakfast because it contains fruit.  And the pinnacle of pies (according to all males over the age of majority living in my household) is the mincemeat tart.

Mincemeat here in Canada usually contains raisins, currants, citrus rind, and spices . . .

Hold up, hold up - it has RAISINS in it?  Ugh, baked or cooked raisins are not my thing.  Wait, what?  I don't like mincemeat?  I won't even MAKE mincemeat?  That's right folks, any baked good that contains mushy raisins or banana, or heaven help me, BOTH - is just not right.

But there are certain members of my household that just can't live without mincemeat tarts.  And my Dad, well he loves mincemeat PIE.  That's just mincemeat on a large scale.  So it wouldn't be the holidays without mincemeat . . .  Here's mincemeat tarts, the Red Velvet Momma way.

Step one:

Go to the grocery store bakery department.  Buy tarts.  Buy other needed grocery items.

Step two:

Go home.  Open clamshell package. 

Step three:

Place tarts on a plate, and serve to mincemeat-loving man.  Revel in your fabulousness while you sip your Venti half-caf, non-fat, two raw sugar latte and flip through the latest issue of People StyleWatch.

What's your secret recipe for Mincemeat?

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